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Hong Kong (day 4)

Day 4 (Wednesday, 30th December 2010)

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Today we planned to meet up with Aliaa’s old university friend from ANU for brunch. In the morning, we went to Sheung Wan district to visit Man Mo temple and a nearby market.

On the way to Sheung Wan district, I took a few snapshots of Hong Kong’s world class MTR to share with you guys.

MTR - Train

MTR – Train

MTR - Map

MTR – Map

I was immensely impressed with the MTR system. The trains were spacious, clean, fully air-conditioned, fast and on time. The map provided inside the train were really helpful. It has a blinking dot to indicate which station you’re currently at, and an arrow to show to point the direction you’re moving. It also has a door indicator to indicate which door you’ll be exiting. Pure brilliance.

MTR Station - Area Map

MTR Station – Area Map

Apart from the train itself, the MTR stations were really well designed. All of them are passenger and tourist friendly. At each station, there’s a map of the surrounding area with all of it’s major attraction. There is even a picture of the attraction so that you know what to expect and how it looks like when you get there.

Man Mo temple

Man Mo temple

Man Mo temple, built in 1847CE, is a temple to worship the civil/literature god Man Tai and the martial god Mo Tai. We explored the interior of the temple and after that we went to a nearby market selling interesting antiques.

Antique shop near Man Mo Temple

Antique shop near Man Mo Temple

Aliaa’s local friend took us for brunch at Lin Heung Tea House (website), which apparently is a very famous tea house. It is highly recommended by Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor and even Time Magazine.

Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House

After brunch, Tim (Aliaa’s friend from her days at Australian National University) took us sightseeing around Sheung Wan. We stopped for coffee at Holly Brown (website), a famous coffee & gelato chain in Hong Kong.

Holly Brown Coffee

Holly Brown Coffee

After that we took the ferry to go to Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong mainland). From there, Tim took us to Mong Kok Computer Centre (similar to Malaysia’s Low Yat Plaza).  There were a lot of computer devices, just like Low Yat, and some were considerably cheap. Aliaa decided to buy a new laptop there! She bought the Lenovo Ideapad.

Mong Kok Computer Centre

Mong Kok Computer Centre

The Mong Kok Computer Centre is quite big. It’s around 4-5 floors and each floor looks like the photo above. It feels kinda cramped but that’s partly because there’s so many things sold there. To be honest, after observing the Computer Centre for a while, I would prefer shopping for computer stuff at Low Yat Plaza. It’s much more breathable, not as hectic, around the same number of choices available, and minor differences in prices.

Stanley Bay

Stanley Bay

Later that night, Tim took us for a car ride to the south of Hong Kong island. The south of Hong Kong island is not accessible by MTR therefore your average tourist wouldn’t go there. He took us sightseeing at Stanley Bay. We visited the Murray House. Along the way we saw lots of big houses as these areas are where the rich and famous live.

Hong Kong desserts

Hong Kong desserts

After Stanley Bay, we went for a typical Hong Kong dessert. It was my fist time having these types of dessert. I have to admit it tasted really good, and the chill Hong Kong winter made it tasted even better!

A big thank you to Tim for taking us around Hong Kong. It was a thoroughly enjoying day!

Check out the rest of my Hong Kong (day 4) photos on Flickr here.

Related posts: Hong Kong Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6

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  1. Shakira
    January 18, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Hello Imran! I was referred to your blog by Raja Nor Liyana. I am planning a trip to HK soon and it was great reading your entries on Hong Kong. Very very useful indeed🙂 Thank you very much.

    If I could return the favor; If you are ever planning a trip to NY or Washington DC, feel free shoot me an email. Would be more than willing to help/ provide tips/ guides on those cities😉

    p/s: Rajer told me that you and Aliaa are currently doing your postgraduate studies in UK. All the best and enjoy your time over there. Take care!

    • January 19, 2012 at 7:43 pm

      Hi Shakira. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you find it useful. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy Hong Kong. It’s an awesome place🙂

      Thank you for your offer on NY/Washington. If I happen to visit those places I’ll definitely let you know. Have a great trip!

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