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Siemens Run 2009

After my last 10KM event, I was very enthusiastic in participating in another run, so I quickly registered for another 10KM event, which is the Siemens Run 2009. The Siemens Run main event is the 10KM run (there’s no Full Marathon or Half Marathon). Despite it being the main event, the number of participants is almost half of the 10KM event at the KL Marathon. The registration count for the Siemens Run is about 3000, and the the KL Marathon was 5500+. Later I was told that they have a maximum participant number, which is a good thing or else the route is going to be packed like sardines.

As shown below, the route started at Dataran Merdeka with a tour through Bukit Tunku before going down to Jalan Parlimen and back to where it started. The interesting part are the slopes at Bukit Tunku as it really eats up your energy. I’m guessing that’s where everybody started to drain out as right after the Bukit Tunku exit there’s a water stop and everybody was more than happy to grab a cup.

Siemens Routes 2009

I finished the race just under 1 hour 11 minutes, a 7 minute improvement from my previous 10KM. With this new spirit, I look forward to the next 10KM event. Hopefully next event I would be able to break the 1 hour barrier.

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