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Monash’s CCNA

I was walking around my faculty today and I saw this sign:

I can’t help but to smile to myself. “What if I already have it?”

Anyway, I’m not sure if I have blogged about this before, but I’m going to mention it again. The fee to study CCNA as a short-course at Monash is AU$1650 per module (Monash separated the CCNA program into 4 modules). At the academy that I went (Trainpro) in Malaysia, I get to study for CCNA and MCSE both at RM7000 (~AU$2500). Bear in mind that MCSE has 7 units, and CCNA has only 1 unit.

Just look at the difference. RM7000 (or AU$2500) for a total of 8 units, against AU$1650 x 4 = AU$6600 for only 1 unit (CCNA).

Furthermore, at Trainpro, ex-students have the luxury of a refresher course within a 1 year periodAU of taking their couse. That means that if you ever forget anything after a few months of learning, or if you need clarification on certain topics from the instructors, you can simply go there and discuss it with them. That’s definitely value for money.

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